Testing & Commissioning

Field Tests

Field tests whose performance depend on customer requests and relevant standards, are as follows:

  • Visual control of metarials installed and the overall project
  • Phase checking
  • Measurement of the capacitances between the metallic sheaths (or shielding) and conductors
  • Measurement of DC resistances of the conductors
  • Measurement of DC resistances of the metallic sheaths and metallic shielding
  • Measurement of insulation resistance of XLPE insulation
  • Measurements of zero-squence impedances
  • Measurements of positive sequence impedances
  • Function tests on the cross-bonding system
  • DC voltage test on non-metallic sheaths
  • Measurements of maximum attenuation for fiber optic cables

HV / AC Test

The whole system is tested by the HV/AC test after performance of site tests. Voltage level specified in IEC 60840 and IEC 62067 according to the subject system is applied for 1 hour.

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After successful performance of the field tests and the HV / AC test, site is surveyed with the customer and any deficiencies are remedied. Finally, grid voltage is applied to the system for 24 hours and the system becomes ready for commissioning.