Project Execution

Supply of equipment

After producing the cables and accessories in its high tech factories, Demirer Kablo also provides transportation of these products to project sites upon request.

1 LashingLashing

2 LoadingLoading

3 Sea TransportSea Transport

4 Land TransportLand Transport

5 UnloadingUnloading

Civil Works

In addition to excavation of cable trenches, construction of cable galleries, piping, horizontal directional drilling and backfilling, Demirer Kablo is capable of all kind of civil works related to cable system installation.

6 Excavation Of Cable TrenchesExcavation of Trenchs

7 Cable GalleryCable Gallery

8 PipingPiping

9 Horizontal Directional DrillingHorizontal Directional Drilling

10 RefillingBackfilling

Cable Laying

Cable laying is one of the most crucial works at site. In order not to encounter any problems, excavation and piping must have been done. First, the drum is placed at the proper side of route according to the slope.  Then, cable pulling winch having an appropriate power level is placed at the opposite side. Cable rollers are placed in order to prevent the cable contact the ground. With a proper steel rope and applying the proper power, cable laying is carried out. In case of demand, experienced staff of Demirer Kablo may supervise the contractor’s cable laying works.

11 Orientation Of Cable DrumOrientation of Cable Drum

12 Start Of Cable LayingStart of Cable Laying

13 Cable Pulling WinchCable Pulling Winch

14 Cable PullingCable Pulling

15 End of Cable PullingEnd of Cable Pulling

Jointing and Terminating

Jointing and terminating are high precision works and are to be handled by experienced staff. In Demirer Kablo, joints and terminations are installed by experienced jointers in clean environment according to the  installation instructions. As an accessories manufacturer, Demirer Kablo is able to install all kinds of high voltage cable accessories.

17 Loading Of ContainerLoading of Container

18 Jointing ContainerJointing Container

19 Inside Of ContainerInside of Container

21 Installation Of Joint BodyPulling Cable into Joint Bay

22 JointingJointing

23 JointingJointing

24 Complete Joint With Coffin BoxComplete Joint with Coffin Box

25 BackfillingBackfilling

27 Vertical Placing Of CableVertical Placing of Cable

28 ScaffoldingScaffolding

29 Insertion Of Silicone Stress Cone Over CableInsertion of Silicone Stress Cone Over Cable

30 Final Preparation Before Insulator FixingFinal Preparation before Insulator Fixing

32 Insertion Of InsulatorInsertion of Insulator

33 Insertion Of InsulatorInsertion of Insulator

34 Insertion Of InsulatorInsertion of Insulator

35 Insertion Of InsulatorInsertion of Insulator

36 Installed TerminationInstalled Termination

37 Installed TerminationInstalled Termination