Working at Demirer

Demirer Kablo’s human resources vision is to be one of the most preferred companies in its sector. In this direction, we are committed to create a diverse workforce and very high standard working conditions, supported with career planning and training&development programs, and a performance management system.

We aim to create a strong corporate loyalty for our employees as well as attracting skilled job candidates, consequently forming a highly motivated and competent workforce. Our core competencies are teamwork, effective communication, openness to learning and customer orientation.


Recruitment Process

One of the main responsibilities of human resources department is selecting and placing the right person for the right job. In this direction, human resources, primarily using its own candidate pool, recruits employees after extensive interviews and tests measuring their knowledge, skills and social competencies.

Career Management

All employees of Demirer Kablo are well informed on their potential career paths and motivated with  proper step ups. Work / life balance is strictly protected and personal fulfillment is always pursued in Demirer Kablo.

Training & Development Process

Evaluating the needs of our employees by performing organization, duty and person based training analyses, we arrange and perform trainings. Training programs starting with new employee orientation, include personal, occupational and managerial development trainings.

Performance Management System

Goals and competence based performance management system is our main tool for providing input to our career, wage and training & development management systems, determining high performances and executive candidates.