New TEİAŞ Contracts


With a contract signed on 21.12.2012, TEİAŞ awarded Demirer Kablo the new 380 kV Maltepe-Kartal project amounting approximately 15,5 MUSD. The project comprises 24 km 1x2000 square millimeters cable, 6 GIS terminations and 27 insulated joints. Preparation for site works is in progress. Jointing works are expected to start on June 2013 and expected project completion date is 28.02.2014.

Furthermore, Demirer Kablo was the second lowest bidder at TEİAŞ tender for new 154 kV Yıldıztepe-Şişli project. As the tender committee evaluated the lowest bid as noneligible, Demirer Kablo is now expecting to be called to sign a 7 MUSD contract within a few weeks. The project comprises 15 km 1x1600 square millimeters cable, 3 outdoor terminations, 3 GIS terminations and 15 insulated joints.